Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add real estate to my portfolio?
Isn’t real estate vulnerable to rising interest rates?
What are the tax advantages of income properties?
How do I get started adding income properties to my investments?
Is there a fee to join the Oakmont Investor Program?
How does Oakmont evaluate income properties?
Am I obligated to buy right away?
Is there a minimum required investment level?
Can I use my own bank for financing?
How often do new income properties become available?
How can I be sure the property is at fair market value?
Will I have a choice of suite selection?
Can I live in the suite?
Who manages the property and what are the costs?
How can I protect against unit vacancy?
What insurance coverage do I need for my income property?
What is a ‘strata corporation’ and how does it work?
Are there any restrictions on reselling my property?
What happens if the value of my property goes down?