Are you educated in buying, rehabbing and re-selling properties?

That is OK. We are and will take care of everything.

  • Time

Flipping a property is time consuming for investors and can feel like a full time job. We will manage the entire project with our experienced power team saving investors time and money.

  • Profits

Have you seen the rehab shows on TV? Compared to Canada, the USA offers lower purchase priced properties and a lower cost of materials (25% less).

  • Partnership

We will split any financial gains or loses 50/50 minimizing any risks involved.


Do you want to earn HUGE PROFITS in US Currency?
What is the interest in your RRSP or Savings account getting now?
Do you want to acquire additional cash flow rental properties and grow your portfolio faster?

Oakmont Real Estate Investments offers private money loans and joint venture partnerships to buy, renovate and re-sell US properties.

  • Up to 100% ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Lower purchase prices in USA, starting at 25k in certain markets.
  • Smart investors leverage their money wisely using other people’s money to fund most of the deal. (Up to 20% down payment may be required)
  • Stop investing all your money in only one property.
  • Flip more properties in less time.
  • 50/50 profit split after expenses & taxes.

Requirements to Flip Properties in the USA

  • A USA Entity (We have that covered)
  • Non-owner occupied properties. (We present you the deals)
  • Our USA private moneylender will lend 55% of the appraised ARV. 3-24 month terms. No prepayment penalties and will fund all rehab costs necessary.
  • Our JV partner (You) are required to fund the down payment, monthly interest payments, holding costs (taxes, heating, electricity, insurance), and any other payments the private moneylender does not cover. Must have a steady income, good credit and a minimum of 3 months cash in reserves.
  • Self directed RRSP, TFSA, HELOC OK.
  • Cross Collateral must be a non-owner occupied property or a free and clear title.

Get started today and make those deals a reality.

For more information read our USA-Flipping-Brochure PDF