Requirements to Flip Properties in the USA

  • A USA Entity (We have that covered if we Joint Venture together)
  • Non-owner occupied properties. (We present you the deals or are open to reviewing yours)
  • Our USA private moneylender will lend 55% of the appraised ARV. 3-24 month terms. No prepayment penalties and will fund all rehab costs necessary.
  • Our JV partner (You) are required to fund the down payment, monthly interest payments, holding costs (taxes, heating, electricity, insurance), and any other payments the private moneylender does not cover. Must have a steady income, good credit and a minimum of 3 months cash in reserves.
  • Self directed IRA, RRSP, TFSA, HELOC in Canada is OK.
  • Cross Collateral must be a non-owner occupied property or a free and clear title.

View our USA-Flipping-Brochure.

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