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  • Testimonial 5
    Charlene Vossen

    I would heartily recommend Oakmont Real Estate Investments to anyone looking for the “right” property in Calgary. Chris commits himself to understanding what one needs and works assiduously to ensure he locates just that – his dedication to his clients is intense and is greatly to be appreciated.

  • Testimonial 4
    Amanda Saint-Yves

    I found the whole experience very easy. We have been looking at property for almost 2 years, but was not sure what would be the best fit for us. Working with Oakmont Real Estate Investments was refreshing as did not push us into a decision. We viewed different investment property packages and when we felt comfortable, we made the leap to increased cash flow with our 2nd rental property.

  • Testimonial 2
    Tom Young

    The customer service is fantastic! Oakmont Real Estate Investments has helped me increase my portfolio to a new level and I am very grateful for their expertise in the changing economy and developments within Calgary.

  • Testimonial 1
    Cory Laursen

    It has been a pleasure working as a Joint Venture partner with Oakmont Investments. They have helped me increase my portfolio as experts in Real Estate and have helped me manage my 3 properties.

  • Testimonial 3
    Russel Smith

    Due to unforeseen circumstances I needed to return to New Brunswick quickly to be with my family. One phone call to Chris and my house was prepped for sale and on the market within days.

    His advise was invaluable. Chris is always available to help you through the selling process…stress what stress? This was an unbelievable positive experience.

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